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Pension Fund

This is a communal savings plan for Israelis.  It includes savings for retirement, a survivors’ pension to be paid to the spouse and children under the age of 21 (up to two children) of a deceased fund member, and disability benefits.

It is a group fund, which means that it is less expensive per person, but if there are a lot of claims, the amount of money paid out per beneficiary will shrink. Additionally, because it is a group fund, it is difficult for an individual to change the way their money is invested in the fund, or change their insurance type.


Managed Fund

A retirement savings plan that is individually tailored to the client’s needs. It includes a variety of investment options, which can be changed at any time, as well as life insurance, customized disability insurance based on occupation, and the ability to choose your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

As this is an individual insurance plan, it is more expensive, but the additional options are well worth it.


Education Fund

This a short-term savings plan offered to employees by their employers. The employer can deposit up to 7.5% of the value of the employee’s salary in the plan, and the employee may remove up to 2.5% from their salary to deposit as well.

The fund matures after six years, and is not taxed. It is not required to withdraw the money after six years, the money in the plan can be liquidated at any time after the six-year mark.


Managed Investment Portfolio

This service allows you to tailor your investments based on your needs and what kind of risks you are willing to take. A licensed portfolio manager will take care of your investments, and you can contact him at any time to make changes to your portfolio based on the market or your needs.

When choosing a portfolio manager, it is important to think about the following issues:
Is the money managed in your bank account or in an investment firm?
Is there a conflict of interest between your portfolio’s contents and the manager?
What is the true portfolio management fee? By law part of the fee must be disclosed, but often portfolio managers will add another hidden part of this fee.


Savings Plans

These plans are for any purpose: buying a car, saving for a child’s future, buying a home and more. We offer the following benefits in one package:
Ability to choose investment type
Ability to switch between investment tracks at any time
Ability to deposit lump sums at any time
Regular monthly deposits
Option to stop regular monthly deposits
Ability to withdraw funds early
When switching investments there is no tax on the interest earned, only the final amount is taxed when it is withdrawn.

The Gold Standard

Save smarter, not harder.

Speak to our agent about a savings or pension plan that will work for you.

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